Old Faith

Video Installations and Performance

2021.11.20 - 2021.11.21 @ 1MSpace


Participated as a

Scenographer, Videographer


Sketchup, GrandMA(Lighting Console), Qlab

Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition


Exhibition Performance Credit

based on the original play by Juhee Kim, <Project Room1>

co-directed by Hwaseung Lee and Chanho Park

performed by Jubin Kim, Eunjeong Hong, and Haeyong Park

music by Jisan Min

HMU by Minjae Kim, and Inseok Chae

Thanks to Chloe

Film Credit

co-directed by Hwaseung Lee and Chanho Park

DOP Hwaseung Lee

assisted by Eunjae Ahn

sound by Jehan Lee

HMU by Minjae Kim

edited by Hwaseung Lee and Chloe

Funded By

National Theater Association of Korea Inc

<Old Faith> is a story about the contradiction of those who destroyed their own place to live and the consequent ontological crisis. The woman couldn't stand being with people and gave up defining herself in the context of society, and then entrusted everything to the forest. The boy inherited his father's job as a logger, continued to cut down trees, and justified that he had no choice but to make a living even though most of the forests in the world have disappeared. And there's a spirit, watching them somewhere in the forest.

The exhibition is designed to make a closer connection with the audience in this time of ongoing discussions about the Anthropocene and the issue of environmental destruction. The original play is divided into three different formats: installations, video arts, and performance to make the audience have a more immersed experience and think about this controversial issue in a more profound way.



(left) All Highlights / (right) Stage Archiving




1 - Audience Experience (up to 20min)

The first thing the audience meets as they enter the space is a huge tree made up of wires. Small displays surround the tree are connected to the wires hung down from the ceiling while a large projection wall is facing the tree. The audience turns round and round this forest, as we walk in the chain of the world.

In the exhibition area, performers walk through the forest and they are also presented in the video played through various screens. The audience can also participate in activities by themselves around the space.


2 - Film (10min)

The main video is displayed on the main projection screen as the audience sits around the place they want. The video is about the story of the forest and the characters. Listening to their dialogues along with the scattered images of the forest, the video creates its own grammar to convey the multiple temporalities of the forest and the humans.


3 - Performance (15min)

Soon the conflict reaches its peak, and actors show up to start the performance. The exhibition space then becomes the stage of the forest that the audience once walked around. The audience can stay and re-visit the exhibition to feel the transformation of the space after the performance.