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Immersive Poem Live Performance Archive


6 min

Participated as a

Executive Director, Motion Grapher, Lighting Designer

Skills Console), Qlab,

Premiere Pro, After Effects


original poem by Hyungdo Ki, <October>

photography and videos within the performance © hwaseunglee

co-directed and made with Urim Choi

<October> is a poetic live performance using floor and wall projections. Hyung-do Ki's original poem is about moments lost in thoughts, and falling into ontological distress. The idea of "lost in thoughts" is described as "going to the forest." Performance <October> portrays the process of "going to the forest" by showing an abstract image getting more realistic until the actual leaves fall and cover the space, ending the play.


Whole Performance

About the Poem

More than a mere depression, Inevitable moments

<October> is about inborn ontological distress.

The narrator talks about his natural gloom, and his everlasting and inevitable suffering. The forest is the place where the narrator finds whenever he feels pain, and he accepts the gloom for his own survival in the forest.

Reinterpretation: How to reenact the poem?

The main imagery of the poem, "ontological worries that one sometimes encounters" was reinterpreted as a scene of falling into thought in a taxi on the way home.


The original poem is divided into two parts, which are 1; a forest, a space of distress, and 2; the reality, quiet as if nothing had happened. In order to reflect these features of the original work, different graphics and stage devices were reflected in each layer.

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