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My Egg Shop

Machine Learning Gyro Sensor Cooking Tycoon Game


Participated as a

Programmer, Designer






<My Egg Shop> is an egg cooking tycoon game using machine learning data from a smartphone's gyro sensor. The user must take the customer's order and cook the right dish. Customers randomly pick among Fried Egg, Scrambled Egg, and Omelet. Users can do actions like breaking eggs, scrambling, flipping fried eggs, and rolling eggs with their smartphones. If the user keeps the customer wait too long, the customer will run out of patience and leave. Cooking quickly and accurately is the secret to high scores. When the set time is over, the game is over.



Wekinator is an open source machine learning tool which translates body gestures into computer responses. In this project, it was used to process gyroscope data received from the TouchOSC app on the smartphone. If users complete the following four motions properly, they can perform each corresponding task as well.


Motion 1.

breaking eggs

tap down once

Motion 2.

flipping eggs

poke forward

Motion 3.

scrambling eggs


Motion 4.

rolling eggs

roll it up

Playscreen Highlights
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