<Old Faith>

Poster, 2021.11

<Exhibition Catalogue for 2020 Art&Technology Conference>

Catalogue, 2021.12-2021.01

Due to the Coronavirus, 2020 Art&Technology Conference, the annual exhibition was held online. As the main exhibition tried to construct experiences of visiting museums and viewing through corridors, the catalogue was produced according to the overall plan. It used a horizontally long shape to give the feeling of walking in the hallway. Epoxy post-processing was used to emphasize "&" and "AND" on the cover, which are the exhibition topics.

<Rendezvous in the Galaxy Empire>

Poster, Leaflets and etc, 2020.01

<Summer Night in Alaska>

Poster, Programbook, 2017.09

<In the Burning Darkness>

Poster, Programbook, Photography 2018.03