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Floor Projection-Mapping, Theater

2019.11.14-16 @ MaryHall

2020.11.11 @ Dongyang Art Theater


Participated as a

Executive Director, Scenographer, Motion Grapher


Blender(projector simulating),

GrandMA(Lighting Console), Console), Qlab,

Premiere Pro, After Effects


an original play by Nick Payne

© theglobularcluster


Excellence Award, New Discoveries Award in Hyundai Motor Group National Theatre&Musical Festival (2020)

<Constellations> is a play with a video projection on the stage floor to present a unique concept of the script, quantum physics, and multiverse. Exploring the possible position of new media technologies on text-based stories, it expands the possibility of combining performing arts with new media.

The floor plan on the screen shows the place where the characters are and interacts with them. The door opens, the floor level changes and footprints appear when others walk around. Besides these minor pleasures, the floor plan makes scenes more particular by specifying exact whereabouts, for example, an ever-lasting moment from an elevator makes the reunion after the breakup even more awkward. It also highlights the concept of a Parallel Universe by the way the floor plans are constructed and deconstructed.


Dots, Lines, and Faces from the floor plan
shows vast ensemble of multiple realities

And Interactions with doors, stairs, elevators, etc…


About the Play

"An indented rule indicates a change in universe."

The author, Nick Payne structured the script based on the multiverse theory in quantum physics.

<Constellations> is a story of a couple, Marianne and Roland, from their first meeting to the end. The audience follows their multiple universes with M and R as a jigsaw of simultaneous moments.

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