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Live Performance Archive


16 min

Participated as a

Executive Director, Video System Manager, Lighting Designer, Writer

Skills Console), Qlab(Live Streaming),


original script © hwaseunglee

the script was contributed to Independence Literature Magazine "Pillow"

co-directed and made with Urim Choi

<10minutes> is a story of a man finding his own way among mixed memories of his past and the present. The performer holds his own camera and films his own visible area to express his confusion. This camera view is projected to the wall on the back in real time.

Contactless Live Performance system suggestion

Installation of multiple mobile devices with cameras on the stage. The main camera constantly changes according to the position of the actor. While the audience participates in the play through video chats, they can always make their own decision to which camera they will choose.



Contactless Live Performance

(left) contactless live performance system algorithm / (right) audiences' screen UI sample



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